Vast ripples



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    Gerrit Hermens

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    Vast ripples

    Post by Gerrit Hermens on Tue 13 Dec 2011, 11:56 pm

    From port to starboard
    the breeze drift
    the hull cleaving the green
    distorting its sheen.

    The masts carry life
    and a crow’s nest eye
    awaiting the gleam
    of St Elmo’s Fire
    while below
    the ever changing flow,
    of blue green currents
    at times gentle, at times torrents.

    Calm now,
    the sea soon to rise and fall
    in wall upon wall
    of raw power
    to smash against the cliff’s tower.

    By the stars the voyage commences
    with lift and drop of gold
    bringing illumination
    to their destination.

    Many a sailor bold
    bathing in the surf’s spray
    relishes the constant rocking
    of a lullaby never to die.

    ©G. Hermens, 13-12-2011
    Photo by Chantell Visser
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