Loving Spoonful Starter 2 - Brie & Bacon Phyllo Tartlets with Salad Leaves and Cranberry Drizzle

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    Loving Spoonful Starter 2 - Brie & Bacon Phyllo Tartlets with Salad Leaves and Cranberry Drizzle

    Post by Julia Hill on Mon 06 Feb 2012, 3:42 am

    Prep time : about 15 mins and 20 mins to bake

    2-3 sheets of phyllo pastry
    50g melted butter
    ½ Brie Wedge
    2 Rashers of Bacon, grilled or fried, drained and then chopped
    1 egg
    80 mls cream or full cream milk (depending on just how rich you would) like this to be
    1 ml coarse ground black pepper
    1 ml salt

    For the salad leaves and drizzle:
    A good handful of fresh, washed mixed leaves
    Cherry Tomatoes, halved
    1 small carrot, grated
    2 baby corn, thinly sliced
    1 spring onion, chopped
    1 tablespoon cranberry jelly
    15 mls balsamic vinegar
    10 mls extra virgin olive oil

    Preheat your oven to 180C
    The easiest container to use would be one of the giant muffin pans that you get these days – but you can easily adjust to what you have available.
    Separate your phyllo sheets, brushing with the melted butter, place one on top of the other, and cut in half, and then in half again. Layer the squares one over the other at odd angles using 4 quarters per tartlet, and you roughly arrange the phyllo into the greased muffin pans so they form a nice “crust” for your filling.
    Divide your fried/ grilled bacon between the two shells, and top with the brie, thinly sliced or cubed – the big thing with this is let it be rustic and casual ... no point in being stressed on a day of love ...
    Lightly beat the egg and mix in the cream (or milk), salt and pepper. Divide the mixture between the two filled shells and pop in the oven to bake for 20 or so minutes, until golden brown and delicious looking.

    Note: if you are going to be pressed for time, you can make these the day before and refrigerate, popping them into a preheated oven to reheat for a few minutes just before serving.

    To make the salad drizzle – mix the cranberry jelly, balsamic and olive oil in a little bowl and whisk well. Take all the remaining salad ingredients, place in a large bowl and toss lightly.

    When you are ready to serve, pour the drizzle over the salad mixture, divide between your two plates, add the tarts .... and settle down to a started approved by Cupid but definitely NOT by the heart foundation Wink

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