Completed me


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    Completed me

    Post by Barend on Fri 24 Feb 2012, 11:27 pm

    Completed me

    I drift on broken wings
    Forlorn songs my heart sings
    Struggling to keep keep in flight
    Broken body with all my might,
    how eternal can longing be
    Wishing you where here for me

    The darkest days are on the way
    Wish with you that I could stay
    If only I had another day
    A part of me was torn away
    how I regret my yesterday

    broken empty I will stay
    what I lost I could not say
    you let me live day by day

    a broken body I remain
    my soul seeped out down the drain
    needed you to ease my pain
    be my rainbow after the rain

    you completed me in untold ways
    now all I have is my yesterdays

    © Barend Van Huysen

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