You inside me

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    You inside me Empty You inside me

    Post by Claira Summers on Tue 17 Jul 2012, 1:47 am

    When our hearts collide
    in ultimate passion
    I feel you soul touch mine
    and linger there for a while
    I feel your strong hands
    the grip that you have
    on my heart devour me
    your manliness consume all of me
    and you take me to the stars
    my heartbeat pounding
    smile play around my mouth
    your sweetness relay to every sense I have
    I feel you, taste you, see you, touch you
    in emotional rollercoaster ride
    because you break down all resistance
    to the pain that love brings
    you slip through my mind and body
    with knightly accuracy
    when I dance rhythmic in the middle of the floor
    you make me somebody I would like to have more
    I feel you flow through my vanes
    and rest in my heart
    be with me

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