Fall Down Martini

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    Fall Down Martini

    Post by Julia Hill on Sat 03 Sep 2011, 4:45 pm

    Fall Down Martini's
    1 x 1.2 l glass pitcher
    1 x cup ice (well just enough to send shivers down the gin's spine - so more or less)
    1 x 1 litre gin
    200 ml dry vermouth
    (now this is really important ... pour 100ml of the vermouth into the gin, stir briefly, and allow the balance to shimmy shyly past the pitcher and stand coyly on the corner of the counter flirting with that pitcher!)
    Garnishes - you can trouble yourself with lemon twists or olives for your Martini glasses but trust me after the first one - you won't care and no-one else will either !

    (if you are more interested in the classic bartenders' recipe ... 40mls of gin, 5mls of dry vermouth, mixed over ice in a nice glass mixer and strain into cocktail glass, garnish & go!)


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