Set me free to love thee

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    Set me free to love thee Empty Set me free to love thee

    Post by Gerrit Hermens on Thu 28 Jun 2012, 1:03 am

    Look into my eyes
    as I look into yours
    deep to see beyond a facade
    and gaze upon compassionate core
    I long for thee to see
    and roam in my heart, free

    see the man I have become
    beyond all senses, numb
    for I have awaited thee
    longed to with thee be
    the realization of thy presence here
    is yet to dawn completely,
    my fawn.

    Embrace my essence, my love
    softly, gently as a young dove
    for time has cast many rocks
    and incarcerated me in indestructible stocks,
    only thy acceptance of me
    can let me break of my bonds, free,

    and rise again a warrior
    capable of defending thy honour
    and love thee unceasingly
    for all eternity, willingly
    and then lift thee onto my shoulders
    and crush thy path’s boulders...

    oh Beauty
    pronounce thy delight
    for my embrace
    throughout every night.

    ©G. Hermens, 17-05-2012.

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